The Suit Brush
After you wear the suit, You should brush your suit to get it looking right, suits, particularly those made of wool. In order to ensure that a suit lasts as long as you would like it to, along with occasionally dry-cleaning, brushing after every wear is the best way to protect your investment. A suit brush looks just like your regular hairbrush with a wooden or plastic body/handle and synthetic bristles or real animal hair if you fancy. When it comes to your suits, You should  go as fancy as you can afford so you should buy a quality soft men's suit brush with natural animal hair because you don't get bristles that are too coarse that could potentially damage your suit.  The fabric of a suit wears over time as dirt and unseen particles build up which eventually affects the integrity of the fabric causing it to weaken and stop looking as good. A decent suit brush will help you prolong its life.

The Hanger
Hangers are crucial when it comes to suiting. If you put your suit jacket  a wire hanger. I'm pretty sure it will  cringed your suit visibly. Your choice of hanger can help maintain the shape of your jacket and ultimately help it last longer. For the most part, we know what a good suit hanger looks like with the wide shoulders. Now, again like the suit brush, it's up to your pockets to determine how much you want to shell out for one.

The suit hanger will also help smooth out any wrinkles that you end up with during the course of your day, whether its from driving or leaning up against a wall. If you do wear suits to work and take off your jacket during the day, I advise keeping a hanger at the office versus hanging it over the back of your chair as this could impact its shape as well.

The Cloth Suit Bag
Along with a good hanger, a suit bag, specifically a cloth one can really also help with protecting that suit collection you've been working on building. Why cloth instead of the plastic or canvas joints that you sometimes get when you buy a new suit? Well, cloth allows air to pass through the bag which allows your suit breathe. Usually you want to wait a day or so after wearing a suit to put it into a bag. The air flowing through the cloth bag will help protect the suit from moths and wrinkles.

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