You dont want to meet someone else with the same suit as yourself. A Tailored suit is made just for you. You choose the design, the fabrics, cuffs and collars. Since its made from scratch just for you, you can set the details yourself just as you wish. It gets your touch and it fits you in contrast to a dress you buy from a store. If you are not a perfect size 50 or 52 the dress doesnt fit you the same way as your very own tailored dress.

Together with Mike Tailor you can find a style that fits you. You chose how many buttons you like, dobbel cuffs orsingle cuffs. With tailor made suit there is many oppertunities and many choices depending on what fabrics you like. It can be a good idea to bring a photo of what you want or maybe your favourite shirt og jacket that you cant find in the shop anymore. Mike Tailor will make a new one for you!

The only thing you need to remember is to be precise in what you want. If you like the suit loose or tight, let Mr Mike know about it. Discuss your ideas and wishes with Mr. Mike and you will get the best results. Mike Tailor delivers your clothing 3-4 weeks after measureing.





Contact Mike In Norway: Phone. +47 452 87 356
Contact Mike In Sweden: Phone. +46 0729303967
Contact Mike In Denmark: Phone. +45 534 91 217
Contact Mike In Netherlands: Phone. +31 0649003630